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“A Picture Journey Through California” – Southern Pacific Company (1930)

The O’Donnell House at The Willows has a history of its own. Finished by January, 1925, it was the winter home of oilman Thomas O’Donnell and his wife, D. Winnifred Willis Jenny. It was originally known as Ojo del Desierto … Continue reading

“Californians Escape to the Desert” – The National Geographic Magazine (November 1957)

Palm Springs, California is known for its weather and makes for a great vacationing destination. In 1957, the popular National Geographic Magazine printed some pictures of the area and talked about what people were wearing, even though it was in … Continue reading

“Ojo del Desierto” – House Beautiful (July, 1928)

In the early 1920s, multimillionaire Tom O’Donnell came to Palm Springs seeking after relief of his respiratory ailment. After Tom married and returned from their honeymoon, they took joy in finding their extravagant residence. In fact, in 1928, the O’Donnells’ … Continue reading