Do You Want to Know the Best Time to Visit Palm Springs?

One of the most common questions we get from guests is “When is the best time to visit Palm Springs?” We can make a case for much of the year, to be honest, but there is one season that we do tend to consider as the “best” time to visit Palm Springs, and that is winter (or some combination of the winter and spring). There are plenty of things that make this season the best time to visit Palm Springs, but there’s no doubt that the warm and sunny weather makes for a welcome respite from the rest of the country, much of which is mired in cold weather at this time of year.

But, just as we can easily call winter the best time to visit Palm Springs, so too can we say that there really is no singular “best” time to visit Palm Springs.  All of the seasons have plenty to offer visitors, including summer! With endless miles of hiking trails, world-class restaurants, extraordinary attractions like the Palm Springs Museum of Art, and plenty of ways to relax and unwind under the warm desert sun, it’s no wonder that Palm Springs is such a popular getaway destination.

Palm Springs is located in the Coachella Valley and is just 2 hours from Los Angeles. It’s long been considered a luxury getaway for Hollywood elites and Captains of Industry. Dating back to the 1920s, Palm Springs was the getaway of choice for A-list celebrities, who came seeking private hideaways away from the constant demands of the industry. Little has changed today, and though the lure of rubbing shoulders with some of the worlds most rich and famous is part of the experience in Palm Springs, visiting this special desert oasis really is about so much more. 

Palm Springs is a place of astounding natural beauty, with deep Native American roots tied to this land. From the desert plains to the soaring peaks of the surrounding mountains, there is an incredible variety of things to do and see in Palm Springs throughout the year. From the top of San Jacinto Peak at the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tram to the desert paradise of Joshua Tree National Park, the diverse landscapes of Palm Springs and Palm Desert is entirely worthy of exploration.

Beyond offering a warm and relaxing escape, Palm Springs also offers a tantalizing array of shopping, world-class spas, inspired art, architecture, and museums, and so much more. Add to these things a variety of other things to do in Palm Springs, including a regularly packed calendar of events, and you have a fantastic getaway destination throughout the year. What constitutes your best time to visit Palm Springs might just depend on what it is you like to do!

Best Time to Visit Palm Springs

Winter/Spring in Palm Springs

Without a doubt, the best time to visit Palm Springs is winter, which runs from late December – April. This peak season offers visitors perfect weather and is a fantastic time to explore this vibrant area, all while experiencing the outdoors in this beautiful desert paradise.

Best Time to Visit Palm Springs

Summer in Palm Springs

The temperatures heat up in Palm Springs during the summer, but for many, this is what makes it the best time to visit Palm Springs. These hot summer days are perfect for lounging poolside, enjoying air-conditioned spaces, and taking advantage of the cooler (but still warm) summer evenings. 

Best Time to Visit Palm Springs

Fall in Palm Springs

Much like winter, fall can also be considered the best time to visit Palm Springs. You can once again get outside to soak up natural desert beauty, and the town is still relatively quiet in the lead up to the peak winter season.  If value is what you’re after, consider visiting in the fall!

The BEST Time to Visit Palm Springs is Winter

As you may have noticed by now, we’ve really only separated out three distinct seasons in Palm Springs. We’ve also alluded to the fact that is no singular best answer for when is the best time to visit Palm Springs! There’s a reason for that! 

Summers here in Palm Springs are much longer than normal, typically stretching from May – September.  Leading up to summer is a delightful combination of winter and spring, which combine into one peak season that is, arguably, the best time to visit Palm Springs. After summer, we welcome fall; a slower-paced, less crowded, but still delightful version of winter and spring. This is what we would consider the second “best” time to visit Palm Springs.

So, what is it that makes winter the best time to visit Palm Springs?  We’ve already alluded to the answer, but it definitely lies in the weather. Winter in Palm Springs is loosely defined as the end of December or January through April. The weather during that period of time is absolutely perfect. The average highs in January are in the 60s, while in April they get up into the 80s. It’s the perfect weather to enjoy a variety of activities, including hiking and exploring desert landscapes, getting out on the area’s many golf courses, lounging by the pool in the later parts of the season, indulging at the spa, shopping, and so much more. 

Take the Trip from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree This Fall

December in Palm Springs

December is sort of a combo month, usually with smaller than average crowds but still seasonably pleasant weather.  It’s not until the end of December and even into January that tourism really picks up in Palm Springs.  Still, December is a wonderful time to visit Palm Springs. 

Imagine enjoying a seasonably warm holiday season? There’s just something special about ice skating in the desert – but that’s a popular December pastime at The Renova Ice Rink at the River.  The Robo Lights Sculpture Garden is also a wonderful place to visit in December, as is the Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade (canceled for 2020). And if you need to see snow for it to feel like the holidays, you’ll find it at the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway in the San Jacinto Mountains!

January in Palm Springs

January is when the tourism really picks up in Palm Springs, kicking off what is commonly referred to as the best tie to visit Palm Springs.  January offers visitors a welcome and warmer respite from their cold, wintry home environments.  There are plenty of Farmers Markets, Art Walks, and open-air shopping, like The Street Fair at College of the Desert and VillageFest. Other great places for shopping include the upscale boutiques and unique shops on El Paseo in Palm Desert and the expansive selection of shops and dining at The River at Rancho Mirage.

January is also usually the month of the popular International Film Festival – though it is notably later in 2021, and will instead be held in late February – early March.

February in Palm Springs

By February, the crowds are plentiful in Palm Springs. What makes February the best time to visit Palm Springs is the access to those outdoor activities you’ve been missing, including visiting Joshua Tree National Park or the plethora of other hiking trails in the area. 

In February, there are three well-known events worth participating in:  The Tour de Palm Springs, and Art Palm Springs, and the world-famous Modernism Week, which celebrates the vast array of mid-century modern architecture found throughout Palm Springs. 

March in Palm Springs

March in Palm Springs brings more of the same, with even more hiking up at the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. By this time of year, the average daily temperature is in the 80s, golf season is in full swing, and the good life in Palm Springs comes into full focus. 

March is also a colorful and rewarding month for hikers, as it’s when the annual wildflower blooms come into full focus. 

April in Palm Springs

April in Palm Springs is all about Coachella, lounging poolside under the warm summer sun, and soaking up as much of this hip and trendy desert vibe as possible. Coachella isn’t the only music festival in the area, though – the entire month of April is commonly referred to as “music month.”

April is another great month for golf, with the LPGA ANA Inspiration coming to town. 

This is Why Winter is the Best Time to Visit Palm Springs

Is There Another "Best" Time to Visit Palm Springs?

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to consider winter and early spring one of the best times to visit Palm Springs.  But that begs the question: Is there another “best” time to visit Palm Springs?  The simple answer to that question is yes.  In fact, we’d be hard-pressed to say there’s a bad time to visit Palm Springs. Though we close down ourselves from June through August, there are still plenty of perfectly acceptable reasons to visit the desert between the months of May – September!

In fact, we think each of these three main seasons in Palm Springs has its own distinct personality.  The winter/spring season is energetic, busy, and positively bustling with people and events.  Come summer, things start to slow down as they heat up.  People spend more time indoors with air conditioning and lounging by the pools.  But summer evenings are something special – when people venture back outside again and celebrate the brief respite from the blazing hot sun.  And, of course, there’s fall, when the temperatures are mild but the crowds are few. It’s a welcoming season, and one of great value to anyone who likes a bargain. 

We say all of this so you don’t limit yourselves to visiting only during what many call the “best” time to visit Palm Springs – there’s something to be said about this great destination throughout the year!  You may just have to visit more than once, so you can tell us what you think is the best time to visit Palm Springs.

The Best Time to visit Palm Springs

Summer in Palm Springs

A lot of people look at summer temperatures in Palm Springs – often soaring into triple digits – and write it off as a place to visit.  We even take time off from our Palm Springs Hotel during the summer – but that doesn’t mean that it’s not still a great time to visit Palm Springs!

While it’s certainly hot during the summer, it’s a dry heat rather than a humid one.  Dry heat is so much easier to tolerate, which means you can still get out and explore some of the best attractions in Palm Springs.  You may just want to save the strenuous hikes for another season!

One of our favorite things to do in Palm Springs during the summer, of course, is to lounge poolside, taking a refreshing dip when needed. For this reason alone, summer might deserve some consideration as the best time to visit Palm Springs. Lounging poolside has to be one of the most relaxing things you can do on vacation. 

If you’re in the mood for some views, a trip to the top of the San Jacinto Mountains aboard the Palm Springs Aerial Tram is a good choice.  The weather is noticeably cooler at the top of these peaks – which also means that you can hike during the summer! Summer is also a great time to explore Palm Springs’ indoor attractions, like the Palm Springs Art Museum or the Palm Springs Air Museum. 

And, perhaps the most magical part of the summer altogether are the comfortably warm summer nights. Temperatures cool down into the 80s at night and it’s here that Palm Springs famed nightlife really heats up. And, of course, this is all enjoyed with far fewer crowds than peak season.  Maybe there really is something to be said for summer in Palm Springs?

Best Time to Visit Palm Springs

Fall in Palm Springs

If you’re the type of traveler that looks for the best deals around, then fall is, by far, the best time to visit Palm Springs as far as you’re concerned.  Fall in Palm Springs is typically considered to fall between the months of October – December. Temperatures are just as seasonably mild as those in the spring. You can expect warm fall days, and cool, crisp evenings; the perfect balance to enjoy some of the best things Palm Springs has to offer. 

With fewer crowds in town during these months as well, fall is a great time to get out and explore the variety of shopping experiences in Palm Springs, to dine at some of the desert’s most talked-about restaurants, and to get out and explore this nature-lovers paradise. 

Most hotels offer off-peak pricing during these months, including our own 5-star luxury hotel, which is located just minutes from downtown Palm Springs. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience a taste of luxury in Palm Springs without the hefty price tag – all while enjoying access to some of the most sought-after places in town. 

Fall is also a busy and fun season in Palm Springs, with a number of great events worth attending.  A few of the most popular events include the Joshua Tree Music Festival, Modernism Week’s Fall Preview, Greater Palm Springs LGBT Pride, and so much more. 

Weather in Palm Springs

For many, choosing the best time to visit Palm Springs is based almost entirely on the weather.  With 300 average days of sunshine per year and mild and warm weather year-round, that means that what constitutes the best time to visit Palm Springs can mean different things to different people.  

Generally speaking, there is little fluctuation in temperature throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from the 60s to 80s for the majority of the year.  Summer is the exception, with temperatures frequently hitting triple-digit highs. 

Palm Springs is a Year-Round Destination

The Best Time to Stay at our Luxury 5-Star Palm Springs Hotel

Though many will agree that the best time to visit Palm Springs is in the winter, we hope we’ve shown just how dynamic this first-class destination can be throughout the year – including in the heat of summer. If we’ve done our job well, perhaps we’ve even given you reason to reconsider visiting at other times of the year.  

Choosing the best time to visit Palm Springs really is up to you. Whenever you do decide to visit us in Palm Springs though, there’s only one place worth staying; The Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn. We are a luxury 5-star hotel property located minutes from downtown Palm Springs.

We know choosing your lodging is one of the most important considerations to make when planning a trip. When you choose our luxury hotel, you’re choosing a secluded paradise that has been the treasured home to some of the world’s most famous figures throughout its storied past. Just as they have found paradise amongst our lush terraced gardens and luxurious accommodations, all surrounded by some of the most breathtakingly beautiful desert panoramas, so, too, will you!  

The Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn has long held a unique place in Palm Springs’ history and has a well-earned reputation for excellence. This incredible building holds a rare and prestigious “Class 1” historic designation, and it is honored as one of the ten oldest structures in the entire City. Every detail of your stay has been thoughtfully tended to, without losing any of the charms that beguiled the likes of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, Joseph P. Kennedy, Marion Davies, Shirley Temple, and Dr. Albert Einstein over the years.  There is nothing ordinary about a stay at this historic Palm Springs hotel. 

With only 17 guest rooms on offer at any given time, you can be assured that our hotel will retain the feel of a private, secluded hideaway, exactly as it was intended upon construction.  Even so, we’re located just minutes from all of the excitement of downtown Palm Springs. Moreover, we offer a range of amenities that even the most discerning of travelers will appreciate. 

In our effort to cater to your every whim, we start your day off with a gourmet multi-course breakfast which is only made better by the backdrop of our 50-foot waterfall. We’ll pamper you again in the afternoon with a wine and hors d’oeuvres reception in the lounge, and in between our concierge service will ensure you make the most of your time in Palm Springs.  Whatever it is you desire – and during whichever season you deem as the best time to visit Palm Springs – you’ll find that everything you need for an unforgettable trip to Palm Springs is within your reach. 

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