“Californians Escape to the Desert” – The National Geographic Magazine (November 1957)

Palm Springs, California is known for its weather and makes for a great vacationing destination. In 1957, the popular National Geographic Magazine printed some pictures of the area and talked about what people were wearing, even though it was in the wintertime.

The second page of the article has some more details and talks about The O’Donnell House (which is now known as The O’Donnell House at The Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn). It mentions Marion Davies, who headed up a group to buy the property in 1955. The Willows has a luxurious guest room named after Marion Davies.

The O’Donnell House and The Willows combine for an excellent place to host weddings and special events.

You can see these two pages worth of pictures about Palm Springs in the 1950s and learn some about the history of The O’Donnell House by viewing the PDF here.

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