“Desert Hospitality” – Los Angeles Times (September 8, 1996)

The Los Angeles Times is one of the most famous newspapers in the world and in September of 1996, soon after The Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn was restored and opened, it had an article in the Travel section that was written about the author’s experience at The Willows and Palm Springs.

Written from the perspective of a wife (Barbara DeMarco Barrett) who stayed at the elegant inn with her husband and child (for her husband’s birthday), the article gives a first-hand account of what it was like during their stay at the hotel.

Barrett describes the premises as “gorgeous” and says that they “went for a night swim under a star-encrusted sky”. She said “we like going to Palm Springs. We like the desert, the relaxed atmosphere…”

One thing that stands out in the article is the hospitality that her family received from the owners. The visit took place during a low season (August), but The Willows strives to provide a fantastic experience for its guests. You can see a list of amenities at the elegant Palm Springs’ hotel here.

The author also describes some of the history behind The Willows. “We learned later from the Palm Springs Historical Society that Albert Einstein often stayed here in the ‘30s”.

Barrett also talks about how they spent some of their time on vacation in Palm Springs. To see about that and to find out more about her family’s experience in the article from the LA Times, you can read the PDF (and view a photo) here. In addition to the article, you can see a photo gallery of The Willows on our website.

*Prices, amenities, the author’s experience, and similar details mentioned in this article for The Willows are from the time the article was written, but you can see current amenities at The Willows, check current prices and make a reservation online.

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