“Historic Hideaways” – The Desert Sun (March 1996)

In March of 1996, The Desert Sun (a newspaper in Palm Springs, CA), did a brief special on “Historic hideaways”. The write-up features several “small inns richly steeped in a colorful past of elegance that dates back to the classic movie-star years of the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s”.

Among these historic places to stay in Palm Springs is The Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn. It mentions that is was the winter home of Samuel Untermyer, and while it incorrectly states that he was a “former secretary of the Treasury”, it talks about some of the celebrities that were hosted by The Willows.

You can see more about these “Historic Hideaways” by viewing the PDF.

*Prices listed for The Willows in the PDF are not current, but you can make a reservation for The Willows online.

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