“Star Studded Getaways” – The Press Enterprise (December 11, 1996)

In 1996, The Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn opened after a restoration process had taken place. The building was constructed in the 1920s, but had lost much of its original luster before being renewed in the 1990s.

The Willows has some rich history, as Samuel Untermyer (a famous lawyer of the early 1900s) was one of the first people to own it. While Untermyer was the owner, Albert Einstein was one of his guests (and now has a room named after him at The Willows).

The Press Enterprise included The Willows in an article “Star Studded Getaways: Legends and apocryphal stories abound, but here are four nearby lodges where celebrities actually once lounged.”

To find out some more history, see a photo of Albert Einstein at The Willows, and learn more about its restoration process, you can read the article here as a PDF (the article incorrectly states that Untermyer built The Willows).

*Rates and similar details mentioned in this article for The Willows are from the time the article was written, although you can see current amenities at The Willows and check current prices and make a reservation online.

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