“The Desert Entrepreneurs” – Palm Springs Life (October 1996)

In the mid-1990s, Dr. Paul Marut and his wife, Dr. Tracy Conrad purchased The Willows and decided to rescue it from its previous state and work on restoring it.

“‘We gutted the place of all the additions,’ says Dr. Marut…. Conrad’s face holds a wide grin while showing off the results, a restored villa…”

The Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn is now a beautiful luxury hotel in Palm Springs, California. In October of 1996, Palm Springs Life included the couple in an article of three examples of entrepreneurs in the desert.

The article gives the background on how the three stumbled across the place in 1994 and talks about what the hotel was like just before it opened. To read more about the history of The Willows’ restoration, you can see the article here as a PDF. (The article incorrectly states that it was built by Samuel Untermyer. You can also read more about the history of The Willows.)

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