Your Definitive Guide to the Palm Springs Tram

Your Guide to Riding the Palm Springs Tram in 2020Imagine soaring through the sky aboard the world’s largest rotating tramcars, surrounded by nothing but the rugged and steeply rising cliffs of the Chino Canyon. The ride on the Palm Springs Tram is not only the easiest way to get to the top of San Jacinto Peak from the floor of the Coachella Valley, but it’s also unbelievably beautiful. You could hike to get to the peak, but the Cactus to Clouds Trail is rated as one of the most difficult in the world. The Palm Springs Tram is a much easier and more enjoyable way to ascend the peaks!

The Palm Springs Tram travels 2.5 miles up the rugged Chino Canyon, which takes approximately 10 minutes each direction. Throughout the ride, you’ll enjoy exceptional views of the surrounding cliffs and valley as the floor of the Palm Springs Tram rotates you 360 degrees. These are many of the same views enjoyed at the Willows Palm Springs Boutique Hotel, which is just minutes from the Aerial Tramway.  Take the ride of your life this spring. Book your room at this sensation 5-star lodging property today!

Your Guide to the Palm Springs Tram

Your Guide to Riding the Palm Springs Tram in 2020The Palm Springs Tram ride is worth it just for the views and the unique experience as you soar above the stunning desert landscapes below. But if you’re looking to add even more to your day, there’s plenty to do at the top!  Tickets to ride the Palm Springs Tram can be purchased in advance online, or on-site the day of your trip for $26.95. This latter part is true even if advanced online sales are sold-out.

The first ride up to the San Jacinto State Park and Wilderness Area in the morning is at 10 am (8 am on the weekends), and the last ride down is at 9:45 pm daily. Along the way, you’ll gain just over 6,000 ft. in elevation, landing at a stunning 8500 feet. Due to this elevation gain, of course, you should expect it to be much colder at the top than in the valley below.  Temperatures are often 30 – 40 degrees colder at the top than they are in downtown Palm Springs. Depending on the time of year, you’ll definitely want to look at the weather in advance and pack your layers.

Once you’re at the top of the Palm Springs Tram, the San Jacinto State Park and Wilderness Area await! There are a number of great things to do at the top of the Palm Springs Tram, including hiking, taking guided nature walks, seasonal snow sports, dining, and more!

5-Star Luxury Lodging Near the Aerial  Tramway

Luxury 5-star lodging near the Palm Springs TramWhether you’ve come to Palm Springs for a relaxing getaway, a little romance, or for an active adventure in the desert, there’s only one 5-star luxury lodging property you should be considering, and that is the Willows Historic Boutique Hotel. The accommodations at the Willows Inn are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. The house was once a millionaires luxury hideaway that houses some of the world’s most famous figures, before transforming into what it is today; a small luxury hotel that embraces its history in a modern world.

The Willows hotel holds a rare and prestigious “Class 1” historic designation and is one of the ten oldest structures in the entire City. The building has been lovingly and extensively restored, and the decor has been tastefully updated to the 21st Century in a way that still pays tribute to its historic legacy.  Today, only the glamour of its Old Hollywood history can rival the modern comfort and amenities you will find at this luxury hotel. Come experience a piece of Old Hollywood for yourself, and book a room at the Willows Inn.

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