A Romantic Dinner at Le Vellauris in Palm Springs

Le Vellauris Restaurant and other great Palm Springs restaurants near our luxury Palm Springs HotelOne of the best things about getting away to new destinations, apart from relaxing in luxury lodging like the Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn, is sampling the array of delicious and new (to you) places to eat, like the incredible Le Vallauris Restaurant. Not only is Le Vallauris Restaurant one of the most sought-after dining experiences in Palm Springs, but it’s also right across the street from our Palm Springs Hotel.

Like many restaurants in Palm Springs (and California in general), Le Vallauris Restaurant has been temporarily closed.  However, they just announced this week that they’ll be opening again for outdoor dining soon.  If you’re looking for a quick, warm, and relaxing escape from your every day right now, consider booking a room at our Palm Springs hotel and escaping to the peaceful tranquility offered by our opulent suites. The weather is in the mid-upper ’70s right now and absolutely perfect.  Book your room at the Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn today!

Le Vellauris Restaurant and other great Palm Springs restaurants near our luxury Palm Springs HotelLe Vallauris Restaurant is Set to Reopen For Outdoor Dining

Le Vallauris Restaurant, a delightful French-themed eatery, is established in a historic landmark of Palm Springs at the site of the former Desert Hotel. Since it opened in 1973, it’s been the highest-rated restaurant in Palm Springs, and a long-time favorite of presidents and Hollywood Elite – and for good reason! Inside, you’ll find the complete opposite of a stiff, boring, and historic ambiance!

Instead, the owners, Paul Bruggemans & Omar Haddedou hope to transport you into the home & kitchen of your favorite French relative (fictional or not). The interior of the space is decorated with sumptous Flemish tapestries and Louis-XV furniture, creating an elegant space for romantic dinners. They also have an outdoor garden patio that is a magically romantic space in which to dine and home to their famous giant Fichus trees.

While you relax in the beautiful ambiance of Le Vallauris Restaurant, get ready to enjoy a delicious gastronomic adventure. The ingredients are sourced as fresh and local as possible, which means that the menus change seasonally, featuring a range of both regionally and globally inspired dishes.

Le Vellauris Restaurant and other great Palm Springs restaurants near our luxury Palm Springs HotelMore Great Palm Springs Restaurants to Consider

If you want to dine at Le Vallauris Restaurant while you’re in Palm Springs, we recommend planning in advance and booking your reservations before you get here.  There are also plenty more wonderful Palm Springs restaurants to consider while you’re here, too. Here are 10 of the best restaurants in Palm Springs for 2021:

  1. If you’re in the mood for a delicious smash burger, don’t miss your chance to grab one at The Heyday. This understated gem among Palm Springs Restaurants got its start at the Thursday night street fair Village Fest, but they now offer long-term pop-up style service from Thursday to Saturday at the Cole Hotel.
  2. Even if you’re still relegated only to getting takeout, you can’t go wrong with the sensational bites coming out of Sandfish by Engin Onural. Apart from the delicious sushi & other dishes, they also offer  Japanese whiskey Old Fashioned kits. You definitely don’t want to skip them!
  3. Birba Palm Springs offers incredible farm-to-table fare & some of the best pizza in town. Their setting, with its flowering tree and romantic string lighting, is perfect for a romantic dinner in Palm Springs, too!
  4. For a modern twist on Mexican cuisine, head to Tac/Quila. Their margaritas are innovative, delicious, and the perfect accompaniment to your meal.
  5. Rooster & the Pig offers a delicious twist on traditional Vietnamese Cuisine. Prior to the Covid pandemic, you’d find long lines waiting for tables at this popular Palm Springs Restaurant, but they’ve been just as busy with their curbside pickup routine.
  6. Vegans and Vegetarians (and others just appreciative of a good meal) won’t want to skip Chef Tanya’s Kitchen. It’s a take-out only spot that offers delicious meatless meals like an eggless egg salad, smoked chicken pasta, and Moroccan-spiced cauliflower, while heartier offerings include entree-sized salads, sandwiches, and tempeh burgers.
  7. One of our favorite Palm Springs restaurants for cocktails is Del Rey. The space itself is dark and moody, and the perfect place to grab a romantic drink in town.  Their dinner menu, filled with Spanish favorites like patatas bravas, garlic shrimp, and gazpacho doesn’t disappoint, either.
  8. For a delicious steak, head to Mr. Lyons Steak House. Their menu has plenty of delicious offerings, and their $8 Martini Happy Hour is a great place to start!
  9.  Another great spot for intimate date nights in Palm Springs is Counter Reformation.  There’s only space for 10 patrons, but the incredible wine list and delicious small plates keep this place on our list of great Palm Springs Restaurants.
  10. For something a bit unique, head to King’s Highway Diner.  This establishment used to be a Denny’s and still offers a cool diner vibe that residents and visitors to Palm Springs love. It’s one of the city’s most beloved and photographed restaurants, and for good reason!

Our mouth is watering just thinking about Le Vallauris Restaurant and these other Palm Springs Restaurants.  How about yours? We think it’s time you give yourself the escape you deserve. Sink into the sumptuous accommodations at the Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn, and enjoy a soothing desert getaway.  Book your room today. 

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