“Palm Springs in Summer: Sizzling Times and Cool Deals” – The San Diego Union-Tribune (June 23, 1996)

In June of 1996, The San Diego Union-Tribune had an article about hotels in Palm Springs, CA. The Willows was listed among them and said it was “a lavish, eight-room inn” in “the nostalgia neighborhood”.

This article was written soon after renovations had taken place after husband and wife, Dr. Paul Marut and Dr. Tracy Conrad, became the new owners of the property.

While the article misstates that Samuel Untermyer was a former U.S. treasury secretary, it was owned by the early 1900s famous lawyer. The Willows has played host to rich and famous historical personalities at various times in its history (such as Dr. Albert Einstein).

In addition to reading a partial PDF of the article by The San Diego Union-Tribune, you can also read more about the history of The Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn.

*Prices, amenities, and similar details that are listed for The Willows in this PDF aren’t necessarily current, but you can see current amenities at The Willows and make a reservation online and see current prices.

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